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Advancing the empowerment, health and overall well-being of women and girls in all their diversity

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The Global Observatory for Gender Equality and Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education (PEPAS) engages with researchers and policy makers to facilitate the mobilization and use of data, research, and evidence to inform decision-making.

Strong, clear and relatable data and research are crucial for influencing policy and improving outcomes for gender equality around the world. The MINEPS VII outcome documents highlight the urgent need for accessible data and research, especially as countries focus on PEPAS. Unfortunately, not all countries have consistent access to timely and relevant research and evidence on physical education, physical activity, and sport to guide policies and action.

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The Global Observatory Policy Brief Series aims to provide concise overview of research and research-based recommendations to policy actors across government and sport governance bodies. Policy Briefs provide research-based analysis and recommendations on Gender Based Violence against Women and Girls in PEPAS. Submissions are welcome from researchers across various disciplines including sociology, economics, political science, law, and sport science, and from around the world.

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The Global Observatory acts as a centralized repository and knowledge hub. It consolidates existing research, initiatives, and campaigns, gathers good practices, develops evidence-based capacity-building programs, and stimulates new research to bridge existing gaps.

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Global Directory of Expertise: Knowledge Institutions and Initiatives

The Global Directory of Sport Knowledge Institutions and Initiatives aims to connect expertise working in knowledge mobilization, sharing, and use. Knowledge Institutions and Initiatives (KII) exist in diverse formats including research centres, University departments, research groups, think tanks, projects, networks, and NGOs among others. KIIs play an important role in providing knowledge, generating questions, and analyses that are valuable to research, policy, and practice. Centralising information will contribute to enhancing access and connection among institutions and stakeholders.

The Directory is targeted at users looking for research services, networks to join, conference speakers, advisers and consultants, as well as research outputs on specific topics. It will also be valuable in identifying expertise in specified geographic regions. Staff of policy making institutions, academic actors, researchers, safe sport activists, and sport practitioner organizations may find this Directory valuable.

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For this first edition of the Directory, we invite submissions on knowledge institutions that are working within the context of PE, Physical Activity, and Sport (PEPAS) on themes that broadly or specifically relate to: Gender Based Violence, Violence against Women and Girls, Interpersonal Violence, Non-Accidental Violence, Safeguarding.

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Global Expert Contributor Network

Through the Expert Contributor Network and other knowledge exchange initiatives, the Global Observatory promotes coherent and coordinated guidance, joint advocacy, and technical assistance across global, regional, national, and community spheres.

The GO’s Expert Contributor Network brings together trans-disciplinary research, industry, and practitioner expertise to contribute to the work of the Global Observatory as well as to benefit from engagement in a global network. Signing up to the GO’s expert contributor network will connection and opportunities for exchange with other members. The Global Observatory facilitates knowledge exchange, partnerships and networking by making calls for participation, and through hosting events that bring together members of the network around specified topics. We have over 100 expert contributors from over 36 countries worldwide. We invite you to join us.

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The Global Observatory is a Digital Knowledge Platform to centralize knowledge, resources and connect expertise. As part of its role as a knowledge hub, the GO gathers and documents resources focused on informing and guiding gender equality in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport (PEPAS).  Resources include guidelines, handbooks and toolkits, educational learning materials and courses, funding calls, projects, programs, research, podcasts or social media.

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The Global Observatory facilitates networking and knowledge exchanges by hosting a variety of events and opportunities for participation that bring together members of the network around specified topics.

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